The utility companies charge large consumers of electricity not only for the energy they use, but also for when the consumer uses the power throughout the day. The electricity use diagram below shows the difference between energy and demand:

Demand Charges now often make up more than 50% of the monthly electric bill! 

Knowing how your electric use is billed and how your demand and energy charges are calculated will help you understand and manage your total energy costs.

Data Wrangler is not a traditional energy audit. Our Energy data-as-a-service software can predict and prescribe methods to reduce the demand and consumption of electrical use. Our data can be used to:

  •    Reduce consumption/demand charges.
  •    Identify energy waste 
  •    Understand and address power factor issues 
  •    Provide an electrical blueprint of how and when the buildings use power.
  •    Provide R.O.I. data for battery storage solutions, solar optimization and other equipment needs.
  •    Provide details of energy use in different departments for budgeting or grant requests.

The Data Wrangler energy portal provides deep insight into facility electrical usage and costs related to how the facility uses power. This information is used by facility managers to make informed decisions to lower electrical bills. Typical savings range from 15% to 25% each month.


We will run a history of the building’s energy use and provide you with a detailed proposal of savings and other benefits.