Client Testimonials 

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Scott Lucak, Operations Manager Del-Hart

“Once I fully understood the demand charge calculations, we were able to make minor changes to significantly reduce our KWH. With the proper data there is no doubt about it, operators will save on energy, both consumption and demand. We were able to install the data capturing meter, hardware, and DataWrangler software at no upfront cost to us. Each month we get a report on how and where the electricity is used throughout our facility, along with optimization suggestions. It is a great partnership”.

Kent Schueller, NOSD Facilities Director

“It has been an educating and delightful experience working with DataWrangler by Clocworks thus far. The data they collect and provide has helped me learn what areas and equipment in our facility need to be addressed to help save energy daily. Thank you.”

John Stangler, Director of Buildings & Grounds, PEWAUKEE SD

“We have already seen savings by using DataWrangler. They have helped us in fine tuning our HVAV scheduling, curb any spikes and continue to provide proactive measures limiting spikes in the middle of the day.”

Mike Trimberger, School District of Random Lake

“My board loved that we saved taxpayer dollars at no cost to the district. The shared savings program was a no brainer for our large campus”.

John Stellmacher, Chief Financial Officer, Kettle Moraine School District (WI)

“Kettle Moraine School District was an early adopter of the DataWrangler software by CLOCworks. With more pressure than ever on our utilities budget, our Facilities Director and I have been focused on new strategies to mitigate some of the recent increases in energy prices while delivering an optimal learning environment for our teachers and students. DataWrangler has helped us better understand what drives our costs and we are now implementing strategies that change how we use energy without impacting the quality of our learning spaces. I would highly recommend the DataWrangler software for school districts interested in not only a deeper understanding of their utility costs but also practical strategies to optimize the use of energy.”

Gary billington – founder and ceo connect the dots llc

“As a Channel partner with Clocworks/Data Wrangler since 2021 I have found the entire organization to be a “class act”.

It certainly helps that they have a VERY STRONG value proposition to offer to potential clients.

Even more impressive is their timely follow up and follow through to ensure customers realize REAL the savings levels they initially predict.

Being AUTHENTIC by doing what you say you will do… in today’s world is rare”

I am proud to count them as a trusted resource of Connect The Dots.