If your building qualifies for our product, we have our electrical partner install a special metering device on the main electrical panel. After our Data Wrangler software is installed, we complete a verification and validation of the data we are receiving. We verify that the power the utility is charging our client is accurate and we validate the KWH used. After installation, we go through the entire facility to measure actual KWH charges for each of the large sources of electrical use. Buildings are always changing, and clients are constantly changing or upgrading equipment so we continue to assign new values to equipment. Once we have established the baseline for the equipment, we start to stack recommendations to reduce demand and consumption cost.

We mix the data we receive from the building with our proprietary AI to determine when and where the building is using electricity. Each month we provide data to help our clients run a more efficient operation. Our monthly savings are measured only by the optimization suggestions implemented as a result of data gathered by the CLOCworks’ software. We do not compare this month’s bill to a bill from a year ago to evaluate savings or take credit for reduction of energy use we did not influence. Our monthly billing is based on what your energy cost would have been without our recommendation and what it ended up being as a result of our suggestions.