Shared Savings Model– We are so confident that our Data Wrangler Software Solutions will provide energy optimization and cost savings for our clients that we are offering qualified buildings a “No Risk Shared Savings” program. Under our “No Risk Shared Savings”, CLOCworks will pay the upfront cost for installation of hardware needed to capture specific energy data for the building in exchange for a portion of the total energy costs savings over a two-year period. Once the initial cost for CLOCworks to install the dent meter, edge box and program the software is recovered from the monthly savings, the ongoing monthly licensing cost for the software, reports and consulting will be paid from the monthly saving generated as result of the CLOCworks’ SaaS. The percentage of monthly savings shared would be negotiated between CLOCworks and the client. Again, this is a two-year agreement.

Example: If through our unique AI and software we reduce the monthly electric bill by $5,500, the client will be billed for a percentage of that savings. But if there are no savings, the client pays nothing for the software. Again, there is no risk to the client or upfront cost to install required data capturing equipment. Typically, we reduce the client’s energy bills by 15%, 20% and even 25%.

Fixed Fee- A fixed monthly fee option is available for buildings that wish to significantly reduce the monthly licensing fee. Under this program the client would pay the install cost and then pay a fixed monthly fee for the licensing software. The fee is reduced based on the length of the contract.